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Land Registry Compliant Plans

Land Registry compliant plans are needed in all sorts of different situations from the renewal or granting of a lease to the first registration of a brand new title when a new property is built. Accurately drawn plans are also required for supplemental deed purposes to deal with issues such as flying freeholds.

As a Chartered Surveying practice we are able to offer our clients a bespoke plan draughting service that follows up to date and technical industry guidance at the forefront of our profession.

Our expertise in understanding the technical demands of  leases and other property related legal documentation, alongside our expert knowledge of construction, means that we can provide our clients with sophisticated plans which accurately display all the necessary legal and structural details. Capturing all the intricate information required for swift Land Registry submission and acceptance where required.

If you require Land Registry compliant plans for any purpose including (but not limited to):

  • Granting of a new lease
  • Renewal of a lease
  • First registration of a new title
  • Making alterations to an existing property or boundary

Please give us a call on 01903 872 211 and one of our surveyors will be happy to discuss your personal requirements.


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