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Court of Appeal upholds decision on leasehold relativity in Mundy v The Trustees of Sloane Stanley Estate

Posted on 25/01/18, filed under Fresh News

The Court of Appeal yesterday delivered their ruling on a landmark lease extension case. The appeal was granted based on an argument between the leaseholder and the freeholder on how marriage value, (part of the lease extension valuation for leases under 80 years) is calculated. The valuer acting for the leaseholder contested that the standard, […]

Julian Wilkins MRICS gains the Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence

Posted on 09/10/17, filed under Fresh News

We are delighted to announce that Julian Wilkins MRICS has recently been awarded the RICS Pearson Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence. Following on from his successful experience of acting as an Expert Witness in a large number of cases over the last decade. Julian undertook comprehensive training and examination covering related evidence, law […]

Land Registry Compliant Plans

Posted on 03/10/17, filed under Fresh News, News

Land Registry compliant plans are needed in all sorts of different situations from the renewal or granting of a lease to the first registration of a brand new title when a new property is built. Accurately drawn plans are also required for supplemental deed purposes to deal with issues such as flying freeholds. As a Chartered […]

Absentee Freeholders

Posted on 31/05/17, filed under Fresh News

Leaseholders who wish to extend their residential leases or purchase the freehold of their block when the freeholder cannot be traced do not need to despair. The 1993 Leasehold Reform Housing & Urban Development Act addresses this situation and provides a procedure for the lease extension/freehold enfranchisement to still happen when the freeholder’s whereabouts is […]

Selling whilst in the process of obtaining a statutory lease extension

Posted on 12/12/13, filed under Fresh News, Statutory Lease Extensions

Did you know if you are selling a flat with a short lease you can do so whilst the statutory lease extension is still uncompleted? The 1993 Leasehold Reform Housing & Urban Development Act requires leaseholders to have owned the property for two years before being able to claim a statutory lease extension. However, there […]

Lease Extensions Advice: Collective Enfranchisement

Posted on 17/06/13, filed under Fresh News

Three Things Leaseholders need to consider about Collective Enfranchisement For leaseholders, when setting out to try to extend their leasehold in a block of flats there is often confusion on the procedure and their rights. The Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 and later the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, were brought […]

Things to Look Out For When Choosing Lease Extension Valuers

Posted on 05/06/13, filed under Fresh News

Choosing the correct lease extension valuer can be the difference between a smooth, hassle-free process and a complex, costly and on some occasion’s unsuccessful process. Extending a lease can be a confusing procedure, but when done with a trustworthy expert lease valuer it doesn’t need to be a problem. But what should you be looking […]

Buy the Freehold: Choosing the Nominee Purchaser

Posted on 28/05/13, filed under Fresh News

So you and your fellow tenants have decided to apply to buy the freehold to your blocks of flats. You have checked you’re eligible and there are enough qualifying tenants to proceed with the purchase of the freehold. The next step is to choose the nominee purchaser, who has to be named in the formal […]

Lease Extensions: Solicitor or Valuation Surveyor?

Posted on 05/04/13, filed under Fresh News

Many leaseholders are confused as to who they need to contact to organise a lease extension or the purchase of a freehold of a block of flats (Enfranchise) on their behalf. Should it be a specialist Valuation Surveyor or a Specialist Solicitor? The answer is actually both. Usually the valuation surveyor is the first to […]

Lease Extensions: Should I Buy a Flat with a Short Lease?

Posted on 18/03/13, filed under Fresh News

There’s so much to consider when buying property and top of the list of priorities when buying a flat should be the length of the unexpired lease term. Ideally it should be in excess of 85 years. As the lease shortens, future value and saleability will be affected – so the longer the unexpired term […]

Lease Extensions: Getting Started on Extending a Lease

Posted on 06/03/13, filed under Fresh News

Lease extensions can very rarely be privately agreed with freeholders on reasonable terms, leaseholders often end up paying excessive amounts for poor terms. The best and most cost effective way to obtain a lease extension is along through the correct legal route provided for leaseholders by the 1993 Leasehold Reform, Housing & Urban Development Act […]

Successful Leasehold Valuation Tribunal Determination – Streatham, South West London

Posted on 09/05/12, filed under Fresh News

Julian Wilkins successfully represented two leaseholders at the London Area Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) regarding lease extension claims in Lewin Road, Streatham, south West London. The cases related to two converted flats with 76 year unexpired leases. The freeholders counter notices requested premiums of £24,000 & £28,000 and the freeholder refused to negotiate. The case […]

Welcome to Sussex Lease Extensions

Posted on 27/03/12, filed under Fresh News

Sussex Lease Extensions is the dedicated arm of Julian Wilkins Chartered Surveyors, a RICS Residential Survey and Valuation Practice based in West Sussex. Our team, lead by Julian Wilkins, specialises in Lease Extension and Enfranchisement (freehold purchase) for residential flats, working in the main for leaseholders across Sussex and the south east. We are experts […]