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Court of Appeal upholds decision on leasehold relativity in Mundy v The Trustees of Sloane Stanley Estate

Posted on 25/01/18, filed under Fresh News

The Court of Appeal yesterday delivered their ruling on a landmark lease extension case. The appeal was granted based on an argument between the leaseholder and the freeholder on how marriage value, (part of the lease extension valuation for leases under 80 years) is calculated.

The valuer acting for the leaseholder contested that the standard, favoured method of valuation which was commissioned by the Grosvenor Estate around 20 years ago was no longer valid and put forward an alternative method of valuation for the calculation of marriage value.

However, the Court of Appeal upheld the previous decision of the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) made in 2016 in favour of the freeholder, the trustees of the Sloane Stanley Estate.

Leasehold matters have in recent months caught the attention of the wider public,  largely relating to new build leasehold houses and as a consequence Parliament has taken notice and is looking into this area of residential property practice.

Here at Julian Wilkins & Co. Chartered Surveyors we are always on hand to offer the very best advice to leaseholders and freeholders on lease extension cases taking account of current and evolving practices within this specialist area.  Should you require any advice concerning a lease extension we would be happy to discuss the requirements of your case with you on a no obligation basis. Please give us a call on 01903 872 211.

Julian Wilkins MRICS gains the Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence

Posted on 09/10/17, filed under Fresh News

We are delighted to announce that Julian Wilkins MRICS has recently been awarded the RICS Pearson Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence.

Following on from his successful experience of acting as an Expert Witness in a large number of cases over the last decade. Julian undertook comprehensive training and examination covering related evidence, law and practice, advanced report writing, case preparation and court skills to bring together his skills and knowledge in this area so that our clients can continue to be served with the best and most up to date expertise.

Should you require expert witness services within the residential surveying sector we would be happy to discuss the requirements of your case with you on a no obligation basis. Please give us a call on 01903 872 211.

Land Registry Compliant Plans

Posted on 03/10/17, filed under Fresh News, News

Land Registry compliant plans are needed in all sorts of different situations from the renewal or granting of a lease to the first registration of a brand new title when a new property is built. Accurately drawn plans are also required for supplemental deed purposes to deal with issues such as flying freeholds.

As a Chartered Surveying practice we are able to offer our clients a bespoke plan draughting service that follows up to date and technical industry guidance at the forefront of our profession.

Our expertise in understanding the technical demands of  leases and other property related legal documentation, alongside our expert knowledge of construction, means that we can provide our clients with sophisticated plans which accurately display all the necessary legal and structural details. Capturing all the intricate information required for swift Land Registry submission and acceptance where required.

If you require Land Registry compliant plans for any purpose including (but not limited to):

  • Granting of a new lease
  • Renewal of a lease
  • First registration of a new title
  • Making alterations to an existing property or boundary

Please give us a call on 01903 872 211 and one of our surveyors will be happy to discuss your personal requirements.